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A hot summers day takes a bizarre turn when a tow truck attends to an accident involving a miscreant celebrity.

Cast: Cary Hudson, Mark Heath, Jeffrey the Bear, Megan Jordan

Director/ Editor: Kate Zappa

Producers: Andrew Bright, Linden Koodravsev

DOP: Linden Koodravsev

Writer/ Post Sound Recordist/ Sound Editor: Andrew Bright

Production Designers: Deborah Wong, Benjamin Kroll

Animation Editors : Deborah Wong, Benjamin Kroll

Grip: Benjamin Kroll

Location Sound Recordists: Deborah Wong, Benjamin Kroll

Behind The Scenes 
Photos taken during the shoot

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Technical Details:

The Tow was filmed using Canon digitial video equipment.

Special thanks go to Gerrin at Anytime Towing for the kind use of his truck.

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