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About Us

On set of "The Tow"Truant Films was started in 2002 by two filmmakers more interested in telling real stories than playing by film establishment rules. Our collective film school experience had been less than pleasant, stifling creative dreams, but bringing the realisation that you can be inspired by, and not taught film making. We soon realised that, with an appropriate investment in equipment, the gap between budgeted and underground filmmakers could be closed and we wanted in!

Since those early beginnings Truant Films has grown to become a fully fledged production company. We currently have several projects in various stages of completion - check out our news section for more information!

Truant Films is dedicated to telling great stories using DV, HD/DV, 16mm, or whatever we can lay our hands on!

If you are interested in what we do why not check out examples of our previous work?


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