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A Sound Awake depicts the struggle for survival of two individuals co-existing in a world befallen by chaos and a cacophony of noise. The interdependence of their relationship provides them with a means to cope with daily survival and, collectively, fill the void in the other's life. This fragile and forced relationship is however tested as the aggressive nature of the external environment threatens to decide their fate.

Physical Appearance:

34 year old, male, slight build, no particularly distinct features. Clothing is practical, combat styled, with a number of pockets for him to keep his findings in.

Character Traits:

He is a perfectionist, who completes familiar tasks with precise movements. Strong willed in character he relies on his inner strength to survive. Oscar's sense of sound is particularly developed however his passion for recording 'pure' noise is something now made virtually impossible by the external environment. He is deeply affected by the noise pollution that now makes individual sounds indistinguishable.

Physical Appearance:

31 year old, female, slight build, with interesting facial features. Although not conventionally beautiful, Audrey remains attractive. She wears 1940's style dresses, handmade, in a simple style, from a patchwork of dull materials.

Character Traits:

Audrey no longer speaks and avoids being in the presence of noise. She lives in a soundproof room and has adapted a form of sign language to communicate with Oscar. Her body tenses when subjected to sound. She has a gentle touch which along with her sense of vision are heightened through her avoidance of sound. Audrey collects objects in which she has an attached memory and thus keeps them close, drawing upon them when she feels the need.


Their 'Relationship'

Although Oscar and Audrey do co-exist in a relationship, it is in no way conventional.

Audrey met Oscar as chaos was breaking out. They do not remember exactly how long ago that was as time has lost all meaning. The two were left as stranded individuals just as society's infrastructure began to fragment. At the time they found each other there was no thoughts of a romantic relationship because adaption and survival were more important factors. They now share a deep and unspoken love for each other but their relationship is closer to a plutonic or brother/sister one, than of lovers. They function as a co-dependent unit, both relying on the other for survival. Had they existed in another place things may have been different however the struggle to exist has rendered any physical aspect of their relationship insignificant.

Cast: Ben Sorgiovanni, Kate Spears

Director/ Editor: Kate Zappa

Writer/ D.O.P/ Post Sound Recordist/ Sound Editor: Andrew Bright

Production Designer: Deborah Wong

Grip/ Set builder/ Post Sound Recordist: Benjamin Kroll

Camera Assistant: Fiona Bright

Producers: Renee Kennedy, James MacArthur

Location Sound Recordist: Janelle Morse

Sketches of costumes drawn by the production designer

  preliminary sketch of Oscar's shirtpreliminary sketch of Audrey's dresssketch of Audrey's dress   photo of Oscar's final costumephoto of Audrey's final costume  

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Oscar's main costume resembles military style clothes. This is to metaphorically represent his actions; he ventures out into the world combating and encountering both the elements and the strangers. His clothing is also functional. He uses his many pockets on his pants, shirt, coat and belt to store the resources he collects on his outings.

Audrey's main costume is character driven. The design is a simple 1940s A-line, knee length dress and matching coat. The production designer chose this type of style because Audrey is a strong willed woman, feminine and yet hard working in times of peril, much like the working women of the late thirties and early forties wartime. However, her dress is made up of a patchwork of different materials, simulating her nature of collecting and creating.

Behind The Scenes 
Photos taken during the shoot

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Technical Details:

A Sound Awake was filmed entirely on Fuji 16mm stock. It was shot over a period of a month in both the studio and on location.

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